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Preparing for a Business Meeting – Communication Essay

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Preparing for a Business Meeting – Communication Essay

In every organization, there is a need to have an effective business meeting preparation in order to promote the success of such meetings. The successfulness of a meeting session in meeting its agenda is significantly determined by how much preparations for the meeting are made. In order for a business meeting to be successful, there is a need to prepare an effective meeting agenda. A meeting Agenda promotes the success of an organization in various ways.


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Agenda gives a summary of the things which will be covered in the meeting before the date of the meeting. For instance, it highlights the things to be discussed, approved or to be adopted. Therefore, the participants will have an insight of what is expected from them. This will help them in preparations on how they can contribute on the points. An outline of the things to be covered in the meeting ensures that all the necessary items are covered during the meeting.

Since people are able to know what exactly to expect in the meeting, it will save time because they will come prepared to ask or answer questions or contribute to a certain agenda. This ensures that every point is discussed exhaustively during the meeting. The agenda also allocates time to each item to be discussed in the meeting.

This plays a significant role in saving time. Otherwise the meeting can take double the time it is supposed to take. In other words, a meeting agenda ensures that each item is addressed within the allocated period. Hence, every item will have enough time to be addressed without necessarily rushing the discussion. This helps in meeting the objectives of a meeting.

A meeting agenda helps the attendants to understand their responsibilities and roles in a meeting. This ensures that every item is clearly discussed and explained. As a result, every item that the meeting is intended to fulfill is fully exhausted. By having a well planned agenda, the chances of omitting relevant points are very low.

The meeting agenda also specify the time and the venue where the meeting is expected to take place. This eliminates any confusion which can cause delays or absenteeism in the meeting. The attendants are able to make the necessary preparations before the time of the meeting. For instance, they are able to estimate the time they can use to reach the venue. Therefore, the cases of lateness are reduced hence promoting the success of a meeting.

In conclusion, planning of a business meeting agenda is of great importance in promoting the effectiveness of a meeting. It enables the participants to prepare themselves for the meeting before the exact time. This helps in time saving and solving problems exhaustively. This ensures that the meeting is successful in meeting its objectives.


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