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Measurement and Early Geometry Exploratory Essay

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Measurement and Early Geometry Exploratory Essay

Measurement concepts have some distinct goals. The first is to help young children understand the description of measurement and how to solve the issues related to mathematics.


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This includes an understanding of the features that need to be measured, the way units are applied, and understanding of the way measuring devices operate.

The second goal can be described as measurement sense where there is knowledge about the most generally used standard units, a capacity of estimating with frequently used measures, and elasticity with the use of associated units.

The third outline is the development and application of standard mathematical formulas, legit where there are areas and volume formulas for certain distance and shapes.

Estimation in measurements is most likely the essential element that children can perform to improve measurement sense. Estimation of measurement is a greatly reflective action that evades the normal process of using scales and rulers to obtain measurements.

It helps generate standards for units and improves knowledge about essential units, as well as generates flexible ideas about the sequence for all measurement fields (Charlesworth & Lind, 2012, p. 241).

Normally, there is a difference between the distance of straight and the distance between two points that have a bent shape. Children might primarily believe that these measurements are similar, but it is vital to help distinguish these points of measurement between two different points and shapes.


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Children should be shown how to differentiate these points through practical demonstrations to help identify the informal mathematical measurement.

Children should be helped when measuring directly and indirectly with both arbitrary units and standard measures from their initial stage of learning (Charlesworth & Lind, 2011). Block building provides an example of importance of games in mathematical learning experiences.

Through building with blocks, a child regularly collects the experiences with the manner in which items can be associated.


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