Kürbiszeit 2018 in der Trattoria Pizzeria Villa Lido

la zucca e arrivato
Kürbiszeit in der Villa Lido

Zuppa di zucca (G,L,O)

Kürbiscremesuppe mit karamellisierten Kürbiskernen & Kernöltropfen

€ 7,50


Bruschetta di zucca  (A, L, O)

Getoastete Weißbrotscheiben mit Kürbis, Birnen und Ziegenkäse



Ravioli di zucca con burro di salvia e grana (G,C,L,A,O)

Kürbisravioli mit Salbeibutter & Parmesan

€ 14,90


Pizza bianca con zucca, mela, fichi e speck  (G,L,A)

mit  Kürbis, Apfel, Feigen und Speck



Risotto di zucca con gamberi e caldarroste (D, L, H, G, O)

Kürbisrisotto mit gebratenen Garnelen und Maroni

€ 18,90


Osso Bucco con zucca e polenta (A, M, G, L, O)

Osso bucco in Olivensauce, dazu geschmortes Kürbisgemüse und gebratene Polenta



Torta cioccolata con gelato di zucca (A,O,G,C)

Lauwarmer Schokoladenkuchen mit Kürbiskerneis

€ 7,20

TÄGLICH von 10:00 Uhr bis 22:30 Uhr

TÄGLICH von 11:30 Uhr bis 22:00 Uhr

There are many greeting formulas (as many or more than in Spanish). Both formal and informal. All of them should be taken into account; if only to recognize the degree of formality with which your interlocutor writes: Formal greetings: ‚Dear Mrs. Peter‘; ‚Sir / Madam‘; ‚To whom it may concern‘ (‚To whom it may concern‘). These last two are used when you do not know the person you are addressing. Although the last greeting formula has been somewhat dated. Informal greetings: ‚My Darling Peter‘; ‚Hi Peter‘; ‚Hello Peter‘; ‚Peter‘. You should also know the proper use of various personal titles. The more formality the more care you must have !: Mr: This one is easy. It is used for adult men, whether single or married. Ex: Mr. Peter. Miss: for single women. Ex: Miss Jane. Mrs: the title of married women. So watch out for the ring! Eg Mrs. Doubtfire. Ms: it is used for women whose marital status we do not know. Ideal therefore for business emails in those situations in which we prefer not to risk. Eg: Ms. Rottenmeier. Once the corresponding and formal greeting have been written, it is the turn of the content itself. At the heart of the matter that our grandmother would say. The structure of this content does not differ much from that which is linked here. It consists of 4 parts: ‚Subject‘, ‚Introduction‘, ‚Body‘ and ‚Conclusion‘ . Let’s see all of them one by one.

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